How to Change Character expressions with record mode

Record mode is the most easiest way to change your character’s emotions and hey, it’s there only with Animaker

Let’s see how to use it.

Step 1: Choose the character and drag and drop it on the workspace


Step 2: On top of the character, the item menu appears. Choose the icon for record. click start. As soon as you choose, the expression section opens in the Property window which you can see on the left side. Like this


Step 3: Choose the confused expression i.e the one scratching head


Step 4: Click add. A pin drops on the timeline


Step 5: Repeat step 2, 3 and 4 to include expressions like sad and happy and click add. Three more pins appear on the timeline


Step 6: On the timeline, the distance between these pins indicate the duration of the expressions. By default, this is set as 0.5 seconds. Adjust these pins to increase the duration of each expression


Step 7: Hit play and enjoy the normal, confused, sad and happy versions. An explosion of expressions isn’t it!

If you have any queries or need a quick guidance, Just let us know. We will make more of these tutorials.


Till then, Happy Animating!

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