Handcraft Animations

Hand craft animations are quirky and hence are fun to animate. As the name suggests, this type of animation involves a significant usage of a hand in creating the effect.

These simple steps will guide you in creating an awesome handcraft animated video.

Step 1: Open a blank project in Animaker. On you right top corner, is the themes. Choose hand craft. You can see that all the assets look like stickers.


Step 2: Choose a background, a character and properties which suit your scene

hc-002 hc-003

Step 3: Now you are going to animate the scene. Choose the character. The property window appears on to the left


Step 4:Choose effects. Click on the enter effect and scroll down to select ‘Hand from left’ or ‘Hand from right’

hc-005 hc-006

Step 5: Below this you can see the various types of hands. Choose any one of them

hc-007 hc-008

Step 6:Repeat Step 3, 4 and 5 for the properties

Do not apply hand animations to all the assets in the scene. This may make your video messy. Choose animations wisely

Step 7: Hit play and see you character and properties neatly placed on the background.


Happy animating

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