Awesome tricks to use pop up effects: trick no 2

As a continuation to the series of tutorials on Pop up effects, we present you the second trick. We call this, “The wave effect”. Yes you guessed it right, the outcome will look as if the assets move in a wave like pattern.

Let’s have a sneak peak at the expected outcome.

Hope you liked it. Find below the steps to apply this trick

Step 1: Search for a male icon from the properties section. Drag and drop it on the workspace.

pop2-001 pop2-002

Step 2: Apply pop up effect. Go to workspace controls. Open enter effects and choose “pop up”


Step 3: Copy and paste the icon. The copy and paste icons are marked in the image below.


Step 4: Now you can see two icons in the timeline.


Step 5: Select the second icon, drag the needle and keep it a few milliseconds away


Step 6: Go to the workspace and click on the icon to drag the second icon and keep it a little farther (next to each other)


Step 7: Repeat the step with 5 to 10 icons.


Step 8: Click play to enjoy your video.


Try this trick and let us know how you used this effect.

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