How to create a Simple walk cycle using Animaker? Fast, Slow & super fast

We have been receiving a lot of tutorial requests in the past few weeks. Since, we take each and every feedback from our users seriously, it’s time for us to respond. We are working on all your ideas and suggestions. We are going to create a series of tutorial on popular topics. This one is the first tutorial in the series.

The trick of “making the characters walk” has gained quite a stir. Here is a simple step by step guide to the feature.

Once you sign in and choose a blank project, your screen looks like this.


Let’s get started!

Step 1:Choose your favorite character and drag and drop it in the workspace


Step 2:Click on the character to open the “property window” on the left.

The property window holds various pre-animated actions.

Choose the “walking” action.

walkcycle3 walkcycle4

Step 3:You can see that right above the character appears “the object controls”. Choose the first icon “multimove”.


Click Start.


Drag the character to the desired position and click + to add the movement.


Step 4:As soon as you click + (add), you will be able to see a “pin” drop on the timeline.

The distance between the pins is usually 0.5 seconds. Like this.


Step 5:Now, we are going to adjust the pins to make the character walk slow. Choose the 2nd pin and drag it to the 4th second on the timeline. Like this,


Step 6:Now click on the character to open the property window. Click on expressions. Select the sad expression. This way, the character walks slowly and reaches the destination.

walkcycle11 walkcycle12 walkcycle13

Step 6:To make the character walk fast, just shorten the distance between the pins and place the character farther away from the initial position like this,

walkcycle14 walkcycle15

Again, go to property window, then the expression tab and change the expression to a fast walking one. Hit play and see your character walking energetically and reach the destination.

Feeling inspired! Create a video now and try the above mentioned steps

We would love to hear about your experience in using Animaker.

If you come across any topic for which a tutorial would help, just write to us, we will try to incorporate it in our next tutorial.

Making the character walk is just one aspect of the “multimove” option. In the coming tutorials, we will give you a detailed overview on the feature.

Happy Animating!

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